Project Outline

The project is closed. See below video for details of the project.

The project aims at promoting the positive impact of different engineering disciplines through digital media and outreach events. It aims at challenging engineers to work closer with the community and to design for social innovation. EDSI is all about connecting the dots in between people and engineers.

Time Frame

I completed a field course to South East Asia with Design for Social Innovation and Leadership and the United Nations University for Peace (UPEACE). The course has enable me to research how engineers can design for community cohesion, conflict resolution, cultural diversity and sustainable development. It has challenged my understanding of the responsibilities of modern engineers in tackling global challenges. The course enabled me to focus on developing the structure of EDSI working on a social lean canvas, mission statement and the executive summary. I am now working on using all these ideas and design principles to promote and challenge the roles and responsibilities of engineers in the 21st century.

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