Robert “Bob” Binks, my Hero


Robert was a Royal Marine Commando who had many stories to tell. He had crossed the equator and visited more countries then I could name. He had fought many a battles and led men with honour and pride for his country, for freedom, for his fiancée. The woman Robert would never forget, faithfully sending her poems highlighting the beauty of love and life throughout the Second World War. He had gained many medals that he wore proudly on his chest on Remembrance Day. He always remembered the fallen and praised God for he knew how precious life was. Robert was a Royal Marine through and through, his service never ended; Once a Royal Marine, Always a Royal Marine.

On returning to public life he served his community with pride. Robert always made people happy. Every time he went out he uplifted people, he made strangers feel special, cared for. Whatever day had however Robert was feeling he was there for people. He helped many people in their darkest hour, putting loved ones to rest. He had organised far too many funerals in his life time. Robert was a trusting and faithful friend, in his nineties he would drive his car making four trips to church to get all his ladies there! Robert was a Royal Marine, Poet, Historian, Geographer, Natural Scientist, Engineer and my Grandfather. It is difficult to express in words what Robert meant to me so I will let my eleven year old self do it for me:


Love you Loads Granddad – Rest in Peace

18th May 1922 – 27th July 2014