A Click Away


Engineering 4 Change is “transforming communities through the power of engineering”. E4C promotes grass route engineering; were engineers innovate to solve problems, to survive. E4C Twitter and Facebook feed is a gold mine of information; a show case of the creativity of engineers.

Wonderful Engineering is a “community of international engineers who are transforming our lives through their innovative design and smart engineering”. Wonderful Engineering takes a relaxed and trendy view of engineering; presenting the innovations in engineering and who they are changing the environment in which we live.

Biourbanism takes an interesting perspective of space and the challenges we face. Biourbanism uses different innovative techniques and disciplines to study space and who we connect with space.

Future Cities Catapult studies the challenges in creating a connected smart city. Future Cities Catapult looks into different solution to meet this challenge in a creative and feasible manner.

Tomorrow’s EngineerYoung Engineer and STEMNET: what does the future of engineering look like? Why not get involved in presenting engineering to the next generation and share with them your passion for engineering.

A shout out to Creative Mango, Graphic Designer who designed the Logo for EDSI!

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