John Donaghy

Salford Quays is a great example of civil engineering and design for regeneration. Living in Saflord for the last four years has enabled me to see the transforming impact of civil engineering design. The Quays and Salford region has also transformed my life, its enabled me to understand the impact of design from different perspectives. It has made me passionate about impact, regeneration, transformation and what can be achieved when a multidisciplinary group work together to help build a better world and solve problems. I believe civil engineering can be part of the solution to major challenges and a step towards meeting the UN millennium goals. Over the last year I have committed myself to the challenge of understanding the fullness of what civil engineers can achieve and further contribute to society! I have worked towards this objective through applied courses in London, Nottingham and Manchester and online courses such as the Age of Sustainable Development by Prof Jeffrey Sachs. I have completed this in order to understand the complex relations and connections between individuals in the city. Cities are at the heart of our nations, if they don’t work for everyone they don’t work at all. It is therefore important for the infrastructure to be designed with an understanding of these relationships in order to work effectively for each individual.

NCE Graduate Awards 2014

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