My Perspective Journey

I am passionate about civil engineering. I have always wanted to be an engineer and make a difference in the day to day lives of people. The journey to becoming a civil engineer has been challenging. My specific learning difficulties have previously held me back to fulfilling my potential; the traditional educational environment did not offer me the opportunity to excel. At 14 a civil engineer believed in me, provided me with work experience and insight into the world of civil engineers and the role they play in society. This has fueled me with passion to excel in civil engineering enabling me to overcome the challenges that held me back.

This journey hasn’t been easy; civil engineering provided me with a focus and the strength to work hard. It was however the help and support that I finally received from college in my final year that enabled me to pursue my passion. The small changes may seem insignificant but for me it was the most important thing was the change in attitude. The education system was no longer seeing me as a failure with no expectation to succeed; instead they started to see my potential. This enabled me to believe in myself and with a support plan I was able to get into university, graduate and become a professional engineer, working on exciting projects and following my dream.

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