How can engineers design for community cohesion, conflict resolution, cultural diversity and sustainable development?

These are the question that EDSI will tackle, it will achieve this by taking an intimate view of engineering. EDSI goes right to the heart of why engineers design and how we can better serve the wider community. As such EDSI takes an honest and open view about the role engineers play in society. EDSI’s purpose is to understand what engineers can achieve when they work closely with other disciplines on the major challenges society faces. The project aims at building conversation between communities and engineers enabling engineers to better meet the complex needs our communities face. The project will be a statement of the modern engineer and challenge the understanding of the responsibilities and duties of engineers. The project will promote to budding engineers the relevance and significant impact of engineers in society. It will encourage our future generation of engineers to engineer and design for social innovation.

Poverty Line

The project currently focuses on civil engineers and their role in shaping the built environment. Civil engineers “create, enhance and sustain the world’s built, natural and social environment”. The core of civil engineering is the people and their ability to connect, connect with the clients dream, across disciplines, with their environment, their passion and their integrity. Through these connections we strive for an excellent standard, the ability to innovate and adapt to new challenges. Civil engineers can create community cohesion, create solution for peace and enable conflict resolution. In doing so civil engineers will break records, design beautiful structures, solve problems and at the heart we connect people.

For more information on EDSI and the story behind the logo (Designed by Luke Donaghy – Creative Mango) you can read the logo release notes.

EDSI would like to thank the following organisation for their support in helping set EDSI up:




Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed are EDSI’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views of these organisation.

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