Grass Route Social Innovation

Understanding the road towards integrating genuine grassroots social innovation into sustainable development.

In October of 2014 I went on a journey to South East Asia with DSIL (Design for Social Innovation and Leadership), the experience was supported by UPeace and SARUS. Over the course of two weeks we met with different organisations that are making a genuine difference in their community. These organisations worked alongside the community to design innovative and practical solutions. Learning from these organisation and the change makers that lead them was an honour and a great opportunity to learn about the design process. The following series is a reflection on these design processes and how they can be applied in problem solving in order to design sustainable and inclusive solutions.

Mini Series 1/3: Sustainable Development: A Strategic Human Centred Approach
Mini Series 2/3: The Story of Strategic Development
Mini Series 3/3: Human Centred Design: it Starts with You

Mini Series 1/2: Building long term Sustainable Peace
Mini Series 2/2: Designing Sustainably: “Do not Harm” Principle

Mini Series 1/3: Zero Baht Shop an Alternative Currency for an Alternative Future
Mini Series 3/3: Raitong Organics a Better Product for a Better Future
Mini Series 3/3: A Positive Consumer for a Positive Future

Mini Series 1/4: Purpose Driven Collaboration
Mini Series 2/4: Collaborating With Impact
Mini Series 3/4: Creating a Culture of Collaborative Innovation
Mini Series 4/4: Building Genuine Relationships

Mini Series 1/2: DSIL: A Community Designed by Designers
Mini Series 2/2: Designing EDSI

Closing Thoughts: The Seed is Sown

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