Why not join EDSI?  Become a change maker and help to connect the dots between people and engineering. Do you want to volunteer for an exciting start up, connect with like minded people and make a genuine difference in your community? EDSI is searching for people to work on innovative projects to design a better future:

  • Develop digital products to promote sustainable and inclusive design. Write articles about your personal experience of engineering design and  social impact. Develop videos and content that challenge the role and responsibility of engineers in the 21st century.
  • Design conference, workshops and training that encourage engineer to be leaders and engage with the concepts of sustainable development and Human Centred Design.
  • Identify and work with other organisation promoting a culture of collaboration within engineering.
  • Research and Implement different products and Ideas that can help develop EDSI into a self sustained social enterprise


Shape the public profile of EDSI and manage the digital content to ensure high quality content which is in line with the EDSI values.

Guest Writer

Contribute to the digital platform of EDSI, raise engagement with EDSI and the values EDSI promote and share your story and what it means to be an engineer/designer in the 21st century.

Event Coordinator

Plan and develop conference and deliver value to stakeholders.

Programme Manager

Develop learning resources and monitor the impact of different resources.

Community Engagement Officer

Manage engagement with stakeholders and develop EDSI to respond to the needs of the community.

Financial Officer

Develop the business model for EDSI and EDSI projects and research funding available to EDSI and how it may impact on the development of EDSI

EDSI Ambassador

Sponsor an EDSI event, provide feedback to help develop EDSI projects or simply promote the EDSI values to your network and share EDSI posts.

If you are interested in joining the EDSI team please do contact EDSI and we can go from there.

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