The Age of Sustainable Development


Professor Jeffrey Sachs is a passionate economist and visionary. Last year I followed his course on the Age of Sustainable Development  a free course offered through Coursera. The course offered a snapshot of modern economy and how modern civilisations have developed since the industrial revolution. Using this understanding of how the developed and developing world had grown their economies the course then studied the future of underdeveloped countries and the poverty trap they live in. This was achieved through comparing two cases business as usual versus sustainable development.

The course really built up my understanding and respect for economist. It went away from the destructive economy we see in modern banking institutes, led by greed, but instead focus on an economy of opportunity. The course did not see economic development as the single most important change required but instead advocated a prescriptive method based on an in depth analysis of the situation. It studied the role of healthcare, demographics, geography, infrastructure and education on a nation.

Sustainable development is not just a more positive way of looking at our future but a necessary way to move forward. Shell has two outlooks on the future of energy: the first is a blueprint where we work together through revolutionary changes, the second is a scramble for resources where we deal with the consequences latter. Why not join Professor Sachs and participate in the Sustainable Development Solutions Network helping us to work together with a shared vision and blueprint for a sustainable development.

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