What Engineers can learn from Artists?

Series 1/3: The Artist and the Engineer – This series reflects on the relationship in between Art and Engineering.


Photo by David Dixon

The Imperial War Museum in Salford is designed to represent a broken world. The design is complex and holds a strong visual impact. As an engineer I am constantly seeking to understand how a building is designed and how the forces flows through the structure. The Imperial War Museum is very intriguing and draws me in through its elegant design. As a civil engineer I enjoy observing different designs and understanding how form follows function. As an engineer I get drawn into my environment and drawn into the process of how things work. This provides me with the creative insight to innovatively approach engineering problems.

Artist works in a similar way; they explore and observe their environment. This provides a palette with which to create and design innovative new processes that challenge the conventional methods. Artists aim to change your perception and make you reflect. Artists aim to create something which inspires and speaks to each and every one of us at a personal and intimate level. Artists have a great ability to observe and challenge their environment.

Artists and engineers may approach their environment differently but both strive to observe and explore the built and natural environment; in order to create, enhance and sustain places which bring people together. Artists can inspire engineers through their creativity and in-depth observation of their environment. Engineers and Artists offer a great observational insight into the way our environment works. How could artists and engineers work closer together in order to better understand the challenges society faces?

 ‎Rigth Left            Rigth

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